Payroll processing

Payroll Processing:

KulingTech has a team of payroll specialists trained in various industry verticals to process monthly payroll of an organization regardless of the complexity involved. We provide our payroll management and processing service to SMEs and MNCs to help them get total accuracy without having to deal with the constant changes in the rules and regulations.

Payroll management needs long hours of work without any growth to the core business of the organization. Also, an in-house payroll demands regular software updating and training of payroll employees with every change. KulingTech payroll services take full responsibility of incorporating any changes in the payroll and educating its staff on the same.


Advantages of outsourcing payroll process and management:

Consistent and Accurate processing: Every month our specialists will perform the calculation based on any changes in the statutory compliance. Our system is fully automated which leaves no room for error and you can receive accurate service. We maintain complete confidentiality and yet provide transparency in the process.

Minimize risks and Maximize Business Value: We perform verification for each employee in terms of investment proof authenticity, tax calculation, etc. You save time and energy from the tedious details of accounting, reimbursements, transferring funds to banks etc. While you carry on with your regular processes, we deliver you the gist of whole process at the end of each month.

Employee retaining and satisfaction: When you outsource your complete payroll processing to KulingTech, it is no longer your responsibility to think of ways to retain payroll employees.


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