Managed Marketing

Managed Marketing
KulingTech provides industry leading social media search, monitoring, syndication and data analytic platform to organizations to understand everything about social media to be successful in today’s social media landscape
KulingTech provide continuous marketing activity and manage your marketing platform to ensure you are getting most out of your technology investment. With Kuling’s Managed Marketing Services, your team will be able to focus on client relations and strategic thinking while our team will manage the tactical execution of your Marketing Activities
Marketing and business development are common objectives for creating Managed Marketing strategy, and thus clients of Kuling Technologies often engage Kuling to provide augmented staffing for their marketing departments
KulingTech Provides overall Marketing support to Start ups, SME’s and Enterprises in Public Relationship Management, Events, Advertisement, Social Media Marketing and Content Management
E-Marketing campaign
KulingTech Design high level strategies to transform basic plans into more operational planning and action items. We leverage on Efficient integration of IT and marketing services to ensure the maximum achievement. We understand the wide opportunity provided by internet and digital space and we club e-marketing services to ensure maximum ROI for our clients. Our approach to promote your product or services goes through a systematic approach.
• Product/services – What are the unique attributes of products or services offered

• Price – How much does it cost and what is the innovation/value add to you and your clients.

• Promotion – Determine the best suited message and content for digital campaign

• Placement – What marketing methods are the best forms of distribution in your local or global marketplace?
Our E-marketing services are backed by reasonable market research which helps us to emphasize on deliverables.
Content Management

We have in house experts in our offices across India to support our client in Press releases, blogs, webinars, video, success stories, and many more…
You work as per your expertise and we will do the ground level activities and technical stuff to improvise your brand.
Kuling tech content development services carries a vast array of vertical and service experience where we generate creative content and technical writing.
The Process of Information sharing becomes valuable only when –
Right Data Right Audience Right Time
Social Media Strategy

Kuling provides accurate strategies that change the strategic position of its client in the market place by leveraging Social Media. Most of the clients need guidance in social media Strategy. Having been the leaders in Internet strategy, we guide how to use Social Media to grow readership/following base and effectively spread influence

KulingTech provide complete social media services to start ups, SME’s and Multinational corporations to assess, design and create campaigns & implement and execute strategies.
We help our customers to manage their brand online and we run customized social media advertising campaigns in order to generate business proposition, We manage official social pages across various platforms and also assist our clients to manage social media service desk.
Public Relations

Public relation is a process to influence public opinion based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication. PR Cannot take place without consistent action and ethical practices

Public has its own media habits, special needs and communication requirements

KulingTech build relationships with 2 – way communication, works on credibility through honest communication, we determine actions and adjust for social harmony through proper research and evaluation

KulingTech’s PR activities include – Writing, Media Relations, Planning, Marketing Communications, Research, Publicity, Public Affairs and Issues Management